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We sell wood bats and BBCOR.50 composite wood bats at a fair price, we're not cheap and we're not expensive.
Our price is just plain fair! Our Service is our Pledge. All bats tested by players in the Northwest Independent Baseball League

Composite Wood
Axe Handle

American Beech Wood Bats AAA Pro Baum
Wood Composite Bats
Maple and Hickory
Wood Bats

Professional Bats

MacDougall PowerWood with the PowerLock Barrel

Special MacDougal "PowerWood" Bats are NFHS and NCAA approved  BBCOR.50 Certified
Swing the Best Game Bat The All Wood "PowerWood
Laminated Hickory Handle and High Density Hardened PoweLock Pacific Madrone Barrel
made with All Wood Made in the USA comes with a
5 Month Warranty

Buy a Baum Bat today at woodbats 4 sale BBCOR.50
Pitchers Hate These Bats


"PowerWood" Buy Now with PayPal
In Stock Youth 31, 31.5, 32, 32.5, 33, 33.5, 34 (Knob M10 or Flared M21)
order by Noon and shipped the same day

Product Information: MacDougall PowerWood Technology is a patent-pending design and lamination process that we use to build the MacDougall PowerWood M-14 Knob and M-21 Flare bats. This is achieved by special laminating under pressure during the manufacturing process, rock hard Hickory in the handle and Pacific Madrone in the barrel for balance. This is the bat you want to use when the game is on the line. These hardwoods add unparalleled strength, balance, and stiffness, effectively creating a bigger sweet spot (5 more hits from every 100 at bats) with more power transmitted to the ball on contact. To learn more about the MacDougall PowerWood Bat go here MacDougall PowerWood Bats used by ages 12 and up. It's all wood BBCOR.50 and also NCAA and NFHS Approved with a 4 Month Warranty. For youth Baseball players wanting to start with a wood bat special order 31 and 31.5-3 Powerwood Bats.
(if it breaks after warranty use send a picture and we may be able to repair it $35)

Have a Baum Bat? Get a MacDougall PowerWood the best game ready bat for your arsenal!!!


More of the Best Wood BBCOR.50 Bats for sale in the next few weeks see woodbats4sale for now.


KR3 Maple Magnum Composite Wood Bat

M110 KR3 Maple Magnum Composite

M271 KR3 Maple Magnum Composite

The All Wood Bat of the Future which has been tested in Canadian College labs and has been the focus of our R&D department for over 5 years. The design is a high density core made from our best Hi-Impact Timber, surrounded by 4 outer layers of our White Rock Maple with the grain alignment laminated accurately into position to ensure maximum durability. The bat is further strengthened with fiberglass biaxial sleeving applied with a rock resin epoxy. For a bat that not only lasts but remains solid and strong. Outstanding quality every time. Comes with a 90 day warranty. BBCOR .50 3 month warranty
Rock Hard Barrel design, never loses it pop.
The All Wood Bat of the Future which has been tested in Canadian College labs and has been the focus of
KR3's R&D department for over 5 years.
Baden Axe Bat

BBCOR.50 Composite Hard Maple Wood Bat

Pro MBL Maple Certified with Slope of Grain Ink spot on Bat

American Beech Wood Bats

Life's a Beech Now go Prove Yourself




These Bats are Engineered for Hitters
To Order see our selection
Chandler the choice of more MLB and MiLB Players with a 50 Hit Warranty

 Hi Impact Professional Wood Bats By Chandler

These Bats are Engineered for Hitters
Bat speed, we inserted an extra lightweight wood in the core of our maple barrel, which reduces the overall weight, and shifts the balance of the bat toward the hands.  We also inserted an extra-strong, high-density wood in the core of our maple handle, which further shifts balance toward the hands. 
The result:  an engineered bat that will provide more bat speed than a solid-wood bat having the same shape and weight.

To Order see our selection
Baseball Bats 4 Sale is an Authorized Dealer for Sandlot Stiks They are all wood for those who just want to swing 1 piece all Wood Bats.
Our Stiks are Available in Ash or Maple
PRO XL2 - The mark of excellence in quality wood baseball bats. Priced from $70-115.000 Maple & Ash from $60. The PRO XL2 mark has become synonymous with the highest quality of Professional Grade Blanks available for wood baseball bats. Now you have the opportunity to use the same quality bats we've provided for hundreds of Major and
Minor League players over the past 14 years.  Our finish will cause the baseball to have backspin as it leaves the bat.

Easton BBCOR.50 Wood and Metal Bats  

Baum Bat Factory Reopens

Order your New AAA PRO Baum Bat Now
Baum Bats are NFHS and NCAA certified BBCOR.50


Sizes 32/29, 32.5/29.5, 33/30, 33.5/30.5 & 34/31
Baum Bat has reopened and is now shipping Baum Bats

 All bats will be examined by our R&D Department and at its sole discretion a determination will be made. This opinion is not challengeable by any party. Once the bat is returned it becomes the property of Baum Bats Wanted and can only be returned to the original owner at their expense. We also have the right, to provide a credit off your next purchase as a goodwill gesture if the Baum Bat proves not to meet our inspection and is deemed not useable.

Product Information: Baum Bats were priced to be affordable, Baum bats were made to BBCOR.50 Rules, they have outstanding pop and the same sound a ball makes when hit by a solid wood bat, Baum bats last a good 4-5 seasons when treated with care, and if you were to break 2-3 of the high end brand name wood bats you could have paid for a Baum Composite Wood Bat. You may use the bat when approved in youth wood bat leagues, High School, College Divisions, Adult Leagues and up to low A MiLB Leagues. The AAA Pro Baum Bat is is perfect,it's durable, unique wood composite bat that is made under the same conditions used to make advanced aerospace structures with a 4 month warranty against manufacturing defects. The making of the AAA Pro Baum Bat continues to be a concentrated research in composite materials science, baseball bat and ball speed physics, mechanical engineering and wood bat design. As Baum's reputation proves, the Baum®Bat is simply the best composite wood bat made today> To learn more about Baum Bats go here   
Now BBCOR.50 certified
. Baum®Bats world patents pending

Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage

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At RockBats, we sell All Wood Laminated Wood Bats that have stories to tell

Baseball Players Register Here be on a Portland OR Summer Team

Are you a High School or College player that will graduate this year living in the northwest part of Oregon or southwest part of Washington with a passion for playing baseball and your not ready to take off the cleats and hang up your glove?  Well get a Wood Bat, put the cleats back on and continue to play baseball this Summer 2015 in the Northwest Independent Baseball League Play on one of the 20 teams this summer.  You will continue to play competitive wood bat baseball in local Portland stadiums, play up to 26 games and a double elimination Portland City League Championship Series.  Space is limited to 15-18 players per team. Register Here for Summer 2013  Player Managers are needed  Information Letter  

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We sell bats at a fair price, we're
not cheap and we're not expensive.
 We're just plain fai

Buying a wood bat is the most important item for today's ball player.  Please look our selections over as these bats have been recommended by over 380 players of the Northwest Independent Baseball League a 16 Team Semi-Pro League in Portland Oregon. Baseball Players wanted Register for 2012 to be on a Portland OR Summer Team

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